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The Tasting Room & Winery

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Mon – Thurs – 1:00 – 9:00 pm
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In the Tasting Room

Wine is available for purchase by the bottle or the case in the Tasting Room. Cases can be single or mixed variety. Tasting Room Club members receive a 13th bottle FREE with the purchase of a case.

Glass pours of our wines served daily for $6.00/ glass. 

  • Tasting Room Club members: Call to book your events for FREE. We are happy to keep the doors open later for special events.
  • We have a wonderful selection of gourmet cheeses, deli meats, and crackers. Ask your server for wine pairing suggestions!
  • Stop by the tasting room and relax around our cool granite tables and enjoy the friendly YC&W atmosphere. Or enjoy the fresh air and a wine cocktail on our open patio!

We accept all major credit cards!

More than a place…

“Small producers are the ones showing us the way to a greater wine goodness.”

An article in “Wine Spectator” puts community-based “artisan” wineries like ours into perspective…

“American wine drinkers increasingly are expecting to drink local. They expect to be able to visit their wineries… Not least, they expect to experience something different.”

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Our Label

       You might notice as you look at our new labels that our 2011 vintage red wines have the designation “American” as opposed to “Washington” as the American Viticultural Area (AVA – see footnote below) that appears on our pre-2011 vintage labels.

 The reason: It has to do with federal labeling laws. Prior to the 2011 harvest I “produced” my wines at Dakota Creek Winery (owned by my brother and sister-in-law) located near Blaine, WA. Because the pre-2011 wines were produced in Washington, I was able to label them accordingly.
       But, since 2011 YC&W wines are being produced in Billings, Montana (even thought I’m processing Washington grapes) by federal law I can’t specify “Washington” anywhere on the label. Nor can I use “Montana” on the label because the grapes were not grown in Montana.
 Therefore, the only legal alternative for me at this point is to label our wines as “American” as the AVA.

Footnote: An American Viticultural Area (AVA) is a designated wine grape-growing region in the U.S. distinguishable by certain geographic features (i.e. “Napa”, “Columbia Valley,” “Washington,” “American,” etc) with boundaries defined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), U.S. Department of Treasury.